In Consumer Education

Discover Financial Services is a newer branch of Discover, the famous credit card company. Their mission: to provide full-service banking to the legions of Discover users and fans.

Discover also wants to raise the bar on financial literacy, offering tutorials and videos that go over the basics of personal finance. This is where Brella comes in.

We were commissioned to create a series of whiteboard-style videos covering a host of educational topics: personal loans, home equity loans, scholarships, emergency funds—a broad and deep exploration of money and life, with the goal of helping Discover’s clients to become more financially literate.

Here’s the video we created in collaboration with Discover on “emergency funds”:

And here’s an in-depth look at home equity loans versus home equity lines of credit:

The campaign is launching as we speak, with our whiteboards being hosted in a variety of environments, including YouTube and natively on the Discover website. We’ll post more when we know the exact shape of the series!