In Educational Technology, Learner Engagement

Just like we were promised personal jetpacks and flying cars, virtual reality (VR) has long been teased as an inevitable part of our future (we’re looking at you, Back to the Future Part II!). But unlike personal jetpacks and flying cars, VR has made the leap from science fiction to reality. And not only in the realms of video games and entertainment. Thanks to amazing advances in technology and affordability, VR is also making its way into the world of training.

Now is the time for Chief Learning Officers, HR Managers, and Instructional Designers to take a closer look. Here are four VR training examples that we believe illustrate some of the possibilities for using VR in training (VR goggles optional).

For Onboarding

Honeygrow, a fast-casual restaurant chain, is using VR to train new employees with an engaging training experience. Have a look at this sample of the training.

For Skills Training

UPS is also exploring interesting ways to use this immersive technology. The company is starting to train student delivery drivers to spot and identify road hazards using VR headsets. Watch this demo from UPS.

For Safety Training

Insurance company Texas Mutual recently developed a VR training app, which features four 360° safety instructional videos to raise awareness about general safety rules on construction sites. Check out this sample video from the app.

For the Classroom

In 2015, Google introduced Expeditions, a program for providing VR experiences to school classrooms. Through Expeditions, educators can take students on virtual field trips. Google has since opened up the program to anyone. This short demo gives a good overview of how Expeditions work.

This is just a tiny sampling of the many interesting and innovative ways that VR can be used in training to effectively engage and teach learners. As the technology continues to evolve, so will VR’s training applications. The future is now for VR in training. Are you onboard?

Oh, and if you happen to be attending Training magazine’s Online Learning Conference in New Orleans (September 25-27), Brella Learning’s very own Co-founder Mark Mallchok will be giving a talk about VR, entitled “Virtual Reality (VR) Technology in Training: A Production Guide.” Be sure to check him out on Tuesday, September 26, at noon!