In Company Announcements

To change the training game, you gotta be part of the action. For the second year in a row, Brella is proud to sponsor Training Magazine’s annual Training Conference and Expo, their flagship event for training professionals. The 41st annual conference—with its theme of training as a “game-changer”—will bring together many of the best and brightest in the Learning and Development community to exchange ideas and to learn from each other.

Training magazine’s annual Top 125 Awards Gala is sure to be one of the conference’s highlights. This black-tie event will recognize companies across industries for their “game-changing” training and professional development programs.

In keeping with the conference’s spirit of collaboration and innovation, Brella is teaming with Training magazine on the 2018 gala event. Just like we did for the 2017 conference, we will design, create, and run the show’s creative elements, including all of the video and PowerPoint presentations. Stay tuned for more on the magic we’ll conjure for the evening!

Brella Learning’s Mark Mallchok will also get in on the action at the conference. He will present a talk on producing virtual reality (VR) for training, and serve up some hands-on VR demos at the event’s Technology Test Kitchen (exact dates and times TBD).

The Training 2018 Conference & Expo will be held February 12–14, in Atlanta, Georgia.

We hope to see you in Hot ‘Lanta in 2018!