Develop an interactive, video-based ethics training for the American College of Surgeons’ Continuing Medical Education (CME) program.

Key Challenges

Technical — Build a self-directed, digital course that could be taken offline and could support:

  • – Two plus hours of narrative video content
  • – Multiple choice questions with branching answers
  • – Learner progress tracking over multiple sessions
  • – Transfer of completion data to ACS’s database for CME credit
  • – Two modes of operation: One for teaching and one for earning CME credit

Content — Work with the doctors, our subject matter experts (SMEs) and onscreen talent, to capture the most engaging performances for the course’s narrative scenarios.


We designed, programmed, and delivered a robust eLearning course that featured branching video scenarios, reading selections, and pre- and post-assessments.

Screen capture from a 360 degree video. A sketch of the grounds overlaid on a photo of the grounds. The view is zoomed out slightly.