Showcase virtual reality’s (VR) educational potential using the Baha’i Temple; the only Baha’i house of worship in the western hemisphere.

Key Challenges

Technical — Figure out VR’s logistical challenge that everything (including the crew) is in the shot during filming.

Content — Maximize VR’s interactive potential in order to build viewer engagement opportunities into the experience.


To address the “everything is in the shot” issue, we planned our shoot for early morning to minimize foot traffic. We also found a creative way for the crew to hide within the scene; they hid behind bushes during filming.

From an engagement standpoint, we identified specific areas of the video for interaction. Based on our research of the temple, we selected interesting facts and early construction sketches to incorporate into the experience.

The finished product was a short, 360-degree experience which explored the building’s exterior and interior while telling the story of the temple’s construction.