Create an engaging and fun experience for guests at our 25th Anniversary party, while highlighting the immersive potential of VR.


Content: Come up with a concept that encourages the audience to interact with the virtual environment.

Technical: Create ways of interacting with virtual objects that went beyond simple “pick it up, put it down”, without a steep learning curve.


Nothing screams “celebration” like fireworks, so we decided to let our audience create their own fireworks display (without the worry of a possible trip to the emergency room). Set on a virtual boat off the coast of Lake Michigan, guests were encouraged to select fireworks from a set of crates at the stern, and launch them into the sky, spelling out our company name.

Virtual lighters were set on a rail above the crates and could be used to light the fuses. For guests who found this two hand method too difficult, we set up a pair of tiki torches at the corners. All they would need to do is hold the end of the firework in the flame to set the fuse burning.